"Perhaps the most important job I have as a Criminal Defense Attorney is "in the trenches, blood and guts, quality control on police and prosecutors." Each and every one of my clients enters a court room "Not Guilty" and they remain "Not Guilty" unless and until the State proves them "Guilty" Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. My job is to put police, prosecutors, and their "evidence" on trial - if they are unable to carry their burden - they fail - and my client remains "Not Guilty." 
- Jay Berneburg
Attorney at Law
    Jay Berneburg has been practicing criminal law in Washington Courts for the past 15 years. Mr. Berneburg practices in all Washington Courts including Municipal Courts, District Courts, Superior Courts, and Federal Courts. Mr. Berneburg has successfully defended thousands of people accused of crimes ranging from Criminal Traffic Offenses to Aggravated Murder.

     Mr. Berneburg is also recognized as one of the State's leading legal experts on Medical Marijuana. Mr. Berneburg has represented as many as 100 Medical Marijuana Collective Facilities and many individual patients on issues including; the lawful distribution of medical marijuana and related products, employment, and family. He is the co-founder and legal consultant of the Greener Business Bureau of Pierce County Washington; one of the most important organizations to emerge in the Medical Marijuana Community helping Medical Marijuana Distributors self regulate while building trust with the community, patients and City Officials.